Bike Insurance Claim: How to Claim Bike Insurance Online

Bike Insurance Claim Process: Hello friends! Motorcycle or two-wheeler, which is seen in abundance in every corner of the country these days and many people use motorcycles, crores of motorcycles are used every day across India. From this, we can estimate how many two-wheelers are used in India.

How to Claim Bike Insurance Online
How to Claim Bike Insurance Online

If you also have a vehicle, usually a motorcycle and it is insured, then due to some reason your vehicle breaks down or your vehicle is stolen, then how to claim it, how to get your money back by claiming it? We are going to know all the information about Azam one by one in that article. Bike Insurance Claim

If you have insured your motorcycle, then do not worry at all because if your motorcycle is insured, your money will reach you very quickly and very easily. Friends, for your information, let us tell you about the benefits of traveling on Indian roads. It is absolutely mandatory to get an insurance policy for a two-wheeler especially third-party insurance coverage which is mandatory for all vehicles plying in India.

Ishq Zara, under this plan, not many facilities are available on the insurance date, there is not much option due to which vehicle owners get a lot of insurance for the security of their vehicles. If you also have a two-wheeler or a motorcycle and you have purchased it. If you have got insurance then I will tell you under what circumstances you can clean the company.

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What is Bike Insurance Claim?

Bike insurance claim is a process where the policyholder appeals to the insurance company to provide compensation for the damage caused to the insured’s vehicle due to any reason or incident. The amount paid by the insurer at the time of claim depends on the ITV of the insured’s motorcycle and the type of policy chosen by the insured.

Just as human life is insured, similarly our vehicles are also insured. When you buy a new vehicle, whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, it is very important to get it insured. This happens so that in the future, if your car is stolen or your car breaks down in an accident, then at that time you can go to the insurance company and claim your money. The insurance company gives you a lot of money.

Types of Two-Wheeler Insurance

The insurance you get for your motorcycle is two-wheeler insurance, but it also has two different types of which you must be aware because you know about both types of insurance for your motorcycle. You can choose a good insurance policy for yourself. Bike Insurance Claim

This can benefit you a lot because if you do not have the correct information then you will choose any insurance for your motorcycle which can be harmful to you in the future. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right insurance at the right time so that you get benefits from that insurance policy in the future.

1. Third Party Insurance

The first type of two-wheeler insurance is Third Party Insurance. This insurance is made mandatory by the Indian Motor Vehicles Act. This means that it is absolutely mandatory for every motorcycle running on the roads of India to buy this insurance and if a vehicle is caught without third-party insurance on Indian roads, it is fined heavily or can even be sent to jail.

In this, you are required to buy third-party insurance. Under this, if you die in an accident or if the policyholder gets injured or there is damage to property, then this loss is covered under the law, hence this insurance is covered under liabilities. It is also called insurance but mainly the owners of the insurance policy do not get much benefit under this insurance policy.

2. Comprehensive Insurance and Bike Insurance First Party (Comprehensive Insurance)

The second type of motorcycle vehicle insurance policy is comprehensive insurance, which we call first-party insurance. In today’s time, most vehicle owners and companies prefer to buy this insurance policy because this insurance policy provides better protection to the vehicle as compared to the third-party insurance policy. The owners try to give more profits.

Under this policy, vehicle owners can add and remove features from the insurance policy at their convenience and can also choose the plane themselves as per their premium amount. Under this insurance policy, it is mainly given to the owner of the vehicle, and under the insurance policy, the death or disability of the driver or damage to the vehicle or accident, etc. is also covered.

Coverage of Two-Wheeler Insurance?

Friends, if you have a two-wheeler and you are wondering about how much coverage is available on two-wheeler insurance, then let me tell you that if you have a two-wheeler and if you have taken insurance you do not know that. Under this insurance policy, what are the incidents and what are the losses that come under the list of insurance coverage? In sick insurance, the vehicle does not suffer any loss in any way due to an accident where the owner of the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle does not suffer any loss. Is.

The insurance company compensates it completely and this is included in the insurance coverage. Apart from this, if the owner of the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle becomes a victim of a personal accident or becomes a victim of a natural disaster, the company also gives a claim to it. Damage or theft of the motorcycle vehicle also comes under the claim.

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Bike Insurance Claim Process

If for any reason your two-wheeler breaks down and then it gets stolen then how will you do the two-wheeler claim process? If you have the information then it is great. If not then I will tell you the claim process for two two-wheeler vehicles. How can do it?

First of all, you should know that if your two-wheeler vehicle meets with an accident or gets damaged, then in such a situation, immediately after the time of occurrence, you should contact the insurance company as well as the police station. You should also go and lodge an FIR because the claim will be given to you only on the basis of the FIR.

And if the motorcycle meets with an accident or is stolen, it is very important for you to lodge an FIR immediately, along with a copy of the FIR, and some important documents like the registration certificate of the motorcycle. There should be a necessary photograph related to claiming the copy.

For example, a copy of the driver’s license, a copy of the insurance holder’s identity card, and a copy of the insurance along with a brief description of the incident will have to be given to the insurance company as soon as possible.

After this, after investigation, the insurance company will give you the claim as soon as possible with the prescribed amount and prescribed terms and conditions. Whenever any owner of a motorcycle vehicle has to buy insurance for his motorcycle.

So he is provided many coverages under that insurance and within that coverage area, he can get his vehicle repaired after the accident, then a cashless claim is made by the company and the company also pays for the damage and repair cost. Is.

Documents Required for Bike Insurance Claim Process

If for any reason your motorcycle gets stolen or meets with an accident, then on what basis will you have to clean the company and what are the necessary documents required to clean it, you should know about all that. Information is definitely needed so that whenever you process the claim, all these things are available with you so that you can get your love money easily and very soon. So let us know the documents required to process the claim which are as follows – Bike Insurance Claim

  • Copy of driving license
  • Copy of insurance policy
  • Copy of identity card
  • Copy of FIR
  • Copy of medical report
  • All sets of keys if your motorcycle is stolen
  • Service booklet after theft
  • Warranty card in case of theft
  • Copy of bill after repair
  • Brief description in writing about the accident or theft

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What is Cashless Claim

If you do not take cashless insurance while buying insurance, then you have to bear the cost of compensation yourself, after that, the compensation amount is given to you after an investigation by the company, but if you carefully check the details of your insurance while getting the insurance. Check times and get your insurance policy cashless.

So the insurance will be issued to you by the workshop, you can send your motorcycle for repair under any workshop prescribed by the company, and for that, the insurance company will pay for that repair.

If you do not want to take cashless insurance, then you may have to keep visiting the box office and the office of the insurance company for many days. Therefore, whenever people buy a motorcycle or four-wheeler, the company definitely asks them to take cashless insurance.

If you take this insurance policy, then your vehicle can be easily accessed through WhatsApp under the company and the company conducts a workshop and gets it repaired, due to which you can avail WhatsApp and there is no need to make rounds of the company. It falls.

Under the insurance claim form, you have to write the insurance holder’s name, address, mobile number, identity card, all these things along with the driver’s driver’s license number, identity number, name, address, etc. and apart from this, the insurance policy number and the date of the accident. The reason has to be written in the details and after that two passport-size photographs are pasted on one chest.

Apart from this, everything was necessary with that insurance claim form because I have told you above that all the necessary documents like driver’s car driving license copy, insurance policy copy, and FIR copy should be attached with the insurance claim form. You have to do this and then as soon as you submit that form, the company makes payment to you in the cashless box.

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